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Mercedes Benz C Class

The C Class is the ultimate boys' toy and is as popular as ever. It has all the latest gadgets and gizmos that, if successful, you will probably see rolled out on all cars over the coming years. However, does the latest Mercedes C Class still have it within itself to turn grown men into giggling, excited children? Let's see how it adds up.


Mercedes have given the C Class a refreshing facelift over the last couple of years. The huge grille and impressive bumpers at the front give it a menacing look with newly styled headlamps complementing the update. If you were to judge purely by looks, and we often do, then on first impressions the Mercedes somehow looks older, wiser and more mature than its BMW and Audi counterparts.

Performance and Efficiency

Mercedes haven't scrimped on the raft of engines that you can have fitted to the C Class. There is a huge variety of engine sizes available from growling terriers, right up to tyre-bursting monsters. However, most engines available offer you a bang for your buck in terms of raw blistering pace.

Efficiency? Well, as you'd imagine the smaller the engine, the lower the running costs. In all honestly though, it's not too harsh on the purse-strings in most cases.

Ride and Handling

As like most other compact executives it may struggle against the BMWs handling, but it offers unrivalled refinement and comfort in its class. If you look up quality in the motoring dictionary, Mercedes will be there smiling back at you. The C Class is no different; fantastic build quality, a smooth gearbox, well thought-out design and comfort make this top of the class in every way.

Interior and Practicality 

The quality continues in the C Class interior. It is a great place to be with vast legroom and all-round visibility in order to keep with tradition. However, there are some new gadgets that will appeal to the younger audience too; the sporty steering wheel and brush aluminium finish on the modern dials and instruments.

In terms of practicality, it matches up to its rivals well. It is larger than its predecessors so has a spacious feel, which is adequate to stop the kids feeling like battery chickens in the back.

Purchasing a used Mercedes C Class on low cost car finance

Specialist used car finance deals are presently available for the Mercedes C Class from numerous finance lenders through the car supermarkets and larger used car dealers. The variety of cheap finance deals now offered make a used Mercedes C Class a sensible and intelligent choice for the those seeking to buying their used C Class on finance.

A car finance calculator will give you an approximate figure for your monthly repayment however it is advisable to talk directly to the dealership before taking out finance as special offers are regularly available and to ensure that you grasp the terms and conditions of the finance deal offered. Customers wishing to pre-check their credit eligibility safe in the knowledge that no footprint will be left on their credit file should also consider a quick 'Finance Check'.

From sharp looks and quality to comfort and raw pace off the line, the Mercedes C Class is an exceptional all-rounder. You won't be disappointed if you plumped for this ahead of its BMW or Audi rivals.

4 / 5 stars
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