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Freelander still leading from the front

Freelander still leading from the front

The SUV market has exploded in recent years with so many options, niches and contenders that it's hard to remember where it all started. It has become a segment full of funky, luxurious and slightly soft models. All of which owe their beginnings to the Land Rover Freelander, which was the first to risk being a small off-roader with a big reputation. It led the way for the likes of the now extremely-popular Evoque, which has a huge waiting list to buy. However, it still remains a great compact-SUV despite competition in-house and from other garages and this is due to the following reasons:

Breadth of ability

The Freelander's trump card is its sheer ability whether the terrain is treacherous or smooth tarmac. It's an impressive feat of engineering as you expect a car that is so capable off-road and with such a high-riding position to be useless on it. However, a comfortable and refined ride show that Land Rover knew that this is a lifestyle purchase and the majority of time will be on the road rather than rampaging off it.

Desirable Image

Land Rover has done an amazing job in making the majority of its models endlessly desirable and able to garner the same levels of love that its stable buddy, Jaguar, does. The formidable boxy looks and imposing grill ensures that a Freelander is muscular-looking, but doesn't have the footballer glitz of say a Range Rover Sport or Evoque. It is understated, which is enough to win with both the heart and the mind.

Practicality and refinement

As a motorist we all want our cars to be practical, as otherwise they aren't much used to us in tight spots, but we don't want to trade this in for refinement. The beauty of a Freelander is that you get both in abundance; with little compromise necessary. You get ample space in the front and back as well as in the boot, although other SUVs do have more. You get a high-riding position that offers great visibility making a good around town. Yet, there is no denying it is still a premium cabin from back to front with plenty of tech and styling touches taken from other models in the range.

Car finance deals for the Freelander

A brand new Land Rover Freelander is a premium vehicle which unfortunately comes at a premium price that only the luck few can afford, however a used Freelander purchased on a competitive used car finance deal is another story. A well priced Freelancer, on specialist low rate used car finance can make this a premium vehicle at a surprisingly affordable monthly repayment. The good news is that the larger used car dealers and car supermarkets have excellent finance offers available from the major lenders which makes a Land Rover Freelander on finance a very realistic option and a great way to own a premium quality 4x4.

A car finance calculator is a very useful tool when establishing the approximate monthly payment that you may be expected to make. Once you have a idea I would recommend you undertake a free 'Finance Check', which will confirm the condition of your credit worthiness without damaging your credit rating. Once you know where you stand contact the dealer directly to learn about any special offers that may be available and to understand the full terms and conditions of the finance deal that you are interested in.

A Land Rover Freelander is where the value is to be found within the luxury marquee offering all the practicality, refinement styling and performance, but without all the hype.

4 / 5 stars
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