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BMW 3 Series

The latest BMW 3 Series has an awful lot of pedigree to live up to. As the sixth in line of this ever popular family; it has to wrestle with the weight of its illustrious past, while forging a new path ahead. It comes as a saloon, coupe and convertible to suit the full spectrum of needs. The latest incarnation is, as always, pitched at executive types cruising up and down the UK, but can it deliver as it should? Styling Traditionally, we should just move on here, as the looks are secondary to everything else the 3 series is meant to represent. However, there are some changes.

Bigger and Better

There's no hiding it; the BMW 3 series is bigger than ever, but they tell us it's lighter to boot. As you'd expect this move isn't all about looks. Making it wider, adding the air intakes on the front corners and sinewy linear indents along the length are all designed to make the car more aerodynamic and agile. But, it does mean the 3 series finally removes the shackles of its predecessors' blandness. Oh and alloy wheels come as standard, which just makes the world seem like a better place. Performance This is where the 3 series has a lot to live up to, in having to match the previous incumbents' consistent sporty credentials.

Ride and Handling

If raw pace is what you're after, then the petrol engines on offer can get you from 0-60MPH in around six seconds. However, the diesel engines available provide pace in abundance with fuel efficiency to match. Ride and Handling In one word - Yes, yes, yes. OK that's three words, but the dynamic nature of the 3 series drive is exceptional. Its composure in all weather conditions and road surfaces is remarkable. In the saloon version the poise, sharp handling and smooth ride will reinvent your expectations of what a family car is capable of. One tip, add the optional suspension package, or you will regret it, because with it the 3 series competes where neither the Mercedes C Class nor Audi A4 will be able to match the ride quality. Interior Just like the exterior design there are improvements.

Style and Comfort

The cabin is more spacious than on previous models, with superior legroom for driver and passenger alike. For a car that rarely breaks down, the spacious feel and additional boot space, ensure the three series stacks up in the practicality stakes. The smart main console is topped with a 6.5 inch illuminated display, which is controlled by the easy-to-use iDrive dial behind the joystick-style gearstick. A big plus is the multi-adjustable seating is guaranteed to offer you the perfect angle in which to drive. Overall, the three series drives away from its class rivals in most aspects with ease. In short, the best just got better.

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