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The BMW 1 Series is premium on a new scale

The BMW 1 Series is premium on a new scale

The family hatchback segment is an astonishing success story for the motor industry and is the home of some of the best-selling and most accomplished cars in any class. This breadth of sales caught the eye of the premium car makers desperate for a boost from new markets and began a shift into premium hatchbacks for the more discerning buyer looking for a family car with a little bit extra. BMW bought their all-new 1 Series to the table and have never looked back; taking a good share of the new market from Audi and Mercedes by delivering a car that offers:

Traditional BMW looks

With its larger compatriot, the BMW 3 Series, topping sales charts year on year it is hoped that the 1-Series will begin to get up to the same levels and if looks are anything to go by it should. It boasts lean, sleek and formidable looks in a small car with the traditional curved back end and double grill that has been designed alongside the 3-Series. Whether the looks are for you or not the badge on the front will always offer enduring appeal that can soothe the sometimes critically awkward styling.

Consummate drive

The chief reason to buy a BMW of any size is usually the dynamic verve of the drive you pay the extra pounds for. However, the BMW 1-Series focuses more on the ride than it does the performance, but does not lack for anything when compared to its class rivals. The ride is refined, comfortable and stable; while the range of engines and options available means you can spice up a model if you wish.

Abounding refinement

The demand for premium hatchbacks is built on the interior quality as much as any other hatchback and the BMW 1-Series is no different. It does not blow the competition out of the water in terms of sheer space, but the refinement of the finish and materials throughout are more than enough to see it right at the top of the class.

Economical nature

Motoring on a family budget can be tight, so the more money you can save here or there is vital. With a BMW 1-Series the economical return across the engine range is nothing short of spectacular; especially when you opt for a diesel option. Even in a car that can race from nought to sixty in seven seconds it can retain staggeringly low emissions and fuel efficiency that keeps it in a low tax bracket and cost-effective at the petrol pump; that makes all the difference.

With a range of used car finance available on a BMW 1-Series premium motoring just became even more affordable.

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