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Why a car salesperson is key to making your next purchase

Why a car salesperson is key to making your next purchase

Buying a new car can be a daunting experience, especially if you're not sure where to start. Luckily, there are people out there selling cars that really care about their customer's wants and needs, and will go beyond the call of duty to find the perfect car for you.

Terry, sales executive at Carbase, is one of those salespeople. With over 20 years of experience, Terry is used to helping customers that have very particular requirements for their next car, as well as people who have no idea what they want. Professional advice and guidance is what someone like Terry offers, ensuring you'll have a pleasant experience in choosing the most suitable car for your needs.


Matching you with the right car

Each salesperson has a different sales technique, but Terry believes that things should be kept simple.

"I tend to use the old school method of features and benefits; finding out what the customer's demands and needs are, and then finding something that fits their requirements," he explains.

Naturally, car needs will differ according to who you are and who will be using the car. That's exactly what the customer is provided with: a car to match their needs.

"Everybody requires different things in a car," Terry notes. "Some customers tend to concentrate on what the car looks like, whereas others just want to ensure that the car will get them from A to B safely and comfortably, especially if it's a car for work."

Terry starts off the process by asking the driver, or drivers, what type of thing they're looking for. He'll then go to the website and show them a range of models, so they can point out which models they're interested in.

Although they may have a reputation for doing so, a great car salesperson doesn't solely want to match you with the most expensive thing on the showroom floor; they want to ensure you drive away happy and with the most suitable vehicle.


Satisfaction is key, for both salesperson and customer

For salespeople like Terry, the most satisfying sales are the ones where they feel they've made a positive impact on the customer's life. It's not about making money; it's about going home at the end of the day knowing they've put a smile on people's faces. Terry recalls the best sale of his life: a lady who had just had an operation on her knee and was unable to use the clutch without being in pain. After finding out why she needed a new car and what she wanted from it, Terry matched her needs to a Seat Altea which had just come in that day.

"I knew it would suit what she wanted," he says. "I actually then spent an hour with her teaching her to drive because she'd never driven an automatic and she was in her late 50s. So I took her out for an hour to drive the auto, and to show her husband as well. When we came back she was happy, and I was happy that she was able to drive it. We did some final prep to the car, she picked it up later the same day and I watched her drive away happy.

Terry's service doesn't just end when the customer drives away though; he likes to ensure you're completely happy with your new vehicle.

"I rang her the very next day and she said: 'Terry, the car is absolutely fantastic, I couldn't have picked better.' And when she came in about two weeks later with her son, I asked: 'how are you getting on with the car?' She said: 'I love it, it's fantastic and my knees a lot better as well'."

When you love your job, you strive to do it well so that your customers are happy, and that's exactly what Terry does. He says customer satisfaction is the best part of his job.


Terry's takeaway tip

So, the next time you head to a car dealership to look for your next vehicle, how should you prepare to make the process go as smoothly as possible?

"When you come to view, normally 99 per cent of our cars are ready to drive away, so I would say bring your driving licence," Terry notes. "I can arrange everything from finance and insurance to tax, right here at my desk, so you'll be able to drive away satisfied."

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