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What colour should your first car be?

What colour should your first car be?

It's one of those factors that can turn you on to a car (or off one) in the blink of an eye; that all too personal issue of colour.

The colour can make a statement about you, or your car. It can show other road users your personality or mood. It could, of course, simply be the paint on the car that fits your price bracket at any given time.

Here at Carbase, we have a wide range of colours to suit every personality and desire. Here are some suggestions to get you started:



The most popular new-car colour in the UK for the past three years as drivers have rediscovered their love for a shiny white machine. A white car tells the world that you're an organised type who doesn't mind drawing attention to yourself. It's therefore unsurprising that with presentation high on the priorities list, white cars tend to get a thorough washing more often than any other car colour.



While white may be favoured by new-car owners, statistics show that there are more silver cars registered in the UK than those of any other colour. It's easy to see why too; silver looks good on pretty much any vehicle, gives you a premium feeling and says 'I'm a cool, calm and confident road user'. In 2015 silver was the most popular colour for thieves too, but with the favourite colour choice on that list changing for each of the past five years, that shouldn't be a reason to put you off.



Is there a colour more closely associated with speed and passion than red? Probably not, but you can leave the stereotypes right there as, contrary to common perception, there is no evidence to suggest you are any more likely to drive erratically or be involved in an accident by going red. If anything, the opposite is true as more conservative drivers may give you a wider berth than normal. Recent surveys indicate that energetic folk choose red cars and get more joy from driving than most others too!



It's no surprise that black is the most popular colour among luxury cars sold in the UK (and the second most-popular in total). Royal families and world leaders are chauffeured around in black limousines; so was Al Capone. What do they all have in common? Power. Driving in a black car shows you mean business.



Have you ever noticed just how many vehicles in those extra-wide 'parent and child' car park spaces at the supermarket are blue? No? Take a look when you next do the shopping. Blue says 'I'm in control,' perhaps mirroring the changing philosophy of an adult as their family begins to grow in size. It doesn't so much scream credibility and authority to other road users as gently whispers it.



Bronze is a unique vehicle colour that doesn't try to stand out, yet it still catches your eye. There is a retro feeling to bronze that is hard to deny, whilst it also lends an air of confidence and power. The most common bronze car on the road is the Peugeot 3008.



First things first; this is not silver - not that drivers of grey cars would be at all bothered by that statement (whereas drivers of silver bullets might). Safe and understated, grey cars say you're a solid, dependable, practical type and that you want to be perceived that way.



Ever wondered why New York City cabs are painted such a vivid shade of yellow? Some bright spark in the Big Apple figured that having a prominent colour in a driver's peripheral vision would help them spot each other more easily and reduce the risk of accidents. The science backs up the theory too with yellow cars having statistically fewer write-offs than any other colour in this list. And can it really be a coincidence that the bright hues; associated with optimism and joy, summon up connotations of summer holidays and good times?



Hugely popular in the 1950s and 60s thanks to the success of British Racing Green in motor racing, and recently making a bit of a comeback through a new breed of fun and sporty small cars. The traditional greens say you're a balanced kind of person who doesn't like to make a fuss, while the more modern lime twist says you're out to make a statement while remaining connected to nature.



The colour orange is bright, warm and uplifting. It's a bold colour on the road and choosing to drive an orange car makes a statement that you are optimistic, adventurous, outgoing, and not afraid to take a few risks!



Whatever colour takes your fancy we have a wide-range in stock across our locations. Drop in today and we'll help you find the car which is right for you. 


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