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3 questions you must ask when choosing a sports car

3 questions you must ask when choosing a sports car

Whether it's been a lifelong dream or the result of a financial windfall, there are many reasons why people want to get themselves a sports car. However, it's not a decision you should rush into; not without considering a few things first anyway.


If a sports car is on your immediate radar, ask yourself these three questions first:


Is a sports car right for you?

Perhaps more than any other type of car, a sports car is the most prohibited. After all, they're cars often built more about appearance and performance than functionality, so make sure you consider how it's going to impact your lifestyle going forward.

First off, there are only two seats in most sports cars (the Mercedes-Benz SLK, for example) so anyone who has children, carries lots of luggage, or often transports several people at once might want to reconsider their decision and go for a more practical performance saloon or hot hatch.

That being said, not all cars with 'sport' in their category name are flashy two-seaters. Take a look at a whole range of used sports cars here. Essentially, if you're looking for some extra power without sacrificing your handling or holding, go for a sports car.


Coupe or convertible?

Is the idea of having the wind in your hair as you zip down a country lane on a summer day your idea of heaven? Then you're probably going to be disappointed with anything other than a convertible. The four-seater Audi A5 or two-seater Mazda MX-5 convertibles are probably going to be right up your street.

If you're looking for more car for your money (and therefore one that comes with a permanent roof attached) then the coupe style will be more for you. You're spoilt for choice when it comes to high-quality coupes.


Can you comfortably afford it?

There's a reason that sports cars get snapped up so quickly - they're great! But with greatness usually comes a great price-tag, so make sure you carefully consider your financial situation before making an impulse decision.

However, if you're dead-set on getting one (and we don't blame you), the good news is that sports cars maintain their value a lot more than other vehicle categories - so long as they have the right equipment and specifications.

That means if you already own one and you're looking to trade it in for a different model, you're likely to get a good deal. Similarly, if you're about to buy your first one, you can be relatively confident that if it's looked after you'll be able to upgrade down the line if you so choose.

Carbase has plenty of sports cars available - if you're in the Bristol area why not come down to one of our showrooms and check them out in person? You can always browse and filter through our whole range of sports cars here.


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