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The smart persons strategy for buying a used Vauxhall

The smart persons strategy for buying a used Vauxhall

Top Gear Magazine may have referred to Vauxhall as the 'perennial bridesmaid to Ford in the UK', but in the same breath, the car bible emphasised that there's a reason why the marque's customers are justly loyal. With the Corsa named as the second best-selling new car in 2015 (with the Astra at seven and the Mokka at ten), it's clear that we Brits love a Vauxhall.


If you're thinking of picking up a second hand one, here's our invaluable strategy for buying a used Vauxhall:  


Check out the online forums

It goes without saying that you'd do your research, but the first place you should head is to one of the Vauxhall owners' forums. These are amazing resources and a fabulous place for you to ask specific questions knowing that experts / fans / mechanics and those in the know will reply. Try Vauxhall Owners Network or Vauxhall Owners Club - both of these could narrow down your research and help you reach a decision quickly.


Be sure the car has been serviced recently

Until the perfect car is invented, we'll have to put up with the possibility of faults. However, the beauty of a descent service history is that you can see what's been done and potentially what needs to be done in the coming months. All of which can help you to make a far more measured (and financially appropriate) decision. Make sure you can see the MOT certificate and the V5C registration document prior to making a deal.


Opt for powerful engines, of Corsa

The Corsa, as one of the nation's favourite runabouts, is always in demand - with low running costs it makes the ideal first car. If you want something with a bit of power, the experts recommend going for anything from the 89bhp 1.3L CDTI and up. The third generation Corsa D is our personal pick of the crop (especially the SE or Design models).


Test Drive the Car

Used cars will naturally have endured a little bit of wear and tear, so it's worth going for a test drive to reassure yourself that the car you are about to purchase is in tip top condition. This also allows you to get a proper feel for the car. You may think the Corsa is your dream vehicle, but actually, it might be that the Astra better suits you.


Get the final details straight

You want that shiny, lovely used Vauxhall, but before you make any payments, it's crucial to get the few last details in order including exactly when and how you can collect the car itself.

We have a wide range of used Vauxhalls - if you'd like to learn more about a specific model or come and browse in person, get in touch.


Frequently Ask Questions

What does SRi stand for?

On Vauxhall cars, SRi stands for Sport Refinement (or Rally) injection.

What is Vauxhall OnStar?

Vauxhall OnStar is an assistance service that will connect you to an advisor automatically in the event of an accident. Vauxhall OnStar can also be contacted when you are in need of directions.

What is Vauxhall ecoFLEX?

ecoFLEX is the name given to a range of highly economical Vauxhall cars that are designed to be powerful, while being efficient and economical for both fuel and tax.

What does Vauxhall lifetime warranty cover?

The Vauxhall lifetime warranty covers: engine and transmission, the powertrain, steering system, brake system, fuel system, exhaust system, cooling system, safety systems, air-conditioning and some electrical equipment.

What is Vauxhall Twinport?

In a Vauxhall Twinport engine, both inlet valves per cylinder have their own port. At low speeds, one of the ports is closed off to increase gas flow, economy and efficiency but both will open at higher RPM.

What is Vauxhall Easytronic?

Vauxhall Easytronic refers to the transaxle-based semi-automatic gearbox used in some Vauxhall cars.

What is Vauxhall IntelliLink?

Vauxhall IntelliLink is an infotainment system designed to connect your smartphone to your car, in order to play music through the car's speakers, as well as make and receive phone calls.


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