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Questions to ask when buying a used Ford

Questions to ask when buying a used Ford

It seems that every other car on the road is a Ford of some description. Affordable, reliable and cheap to maintain, it's little wonder that Ford consistently makes some of the biggest-selling cars in the UK. There's something for everyone. If you've ever thought about buying a Ford, take a look at the answers to our questions below, as they may help you make up your mind.

What does Ford offer in the prestige car category?

This would be the Mondeo and while it may not immediately spring to mind when considering BMWs, Audis and the like, there's more to the Mondeo than meets the eye. The newest addition is the Mondeo Vignale, an attractive, luxury saloon (or estate) which offers six-speed transmission, 0-62mph in 8.3 seconds and maximum power of 132kw, 18" alloy wheels and a plethora of gadgets.  Next would be the top-spec Mondeo Titanium, which is as powerful, if not quite so luxuriously kitted out (or priced, though), as the Vignale. We're talking 0-60mph in 8.1 seconds and newer, petrol models are fitted with EcoBoost engines for extra power.

Is the Fiesta still a good option for first-time drivers?

Absolutely. This perennial favourite for learners and new drivers is the Fiesta, in one of its many incarnations. They are practical, spacious and even the entry-level models are fantastic to drive - fancy gadgets are nothing but a distraction, anyway, right? The Fiesta also has a little bit of style, the older; boxy ones are 'retro', the newest have been beautifully designed. They offer low running costs and a level of reliability that parents will be satisfied with too.

Are Ford parts really as cheap as people say?

Obviously the cost of parts varies depending on what they are, however, given the popularity of Ford cars in the UK, most garages will have a supply of Ford parts in stock. They're easier to come by and this makes them certainly more reasonable on the wallet than a crankshaft for your 2004 Bristol Fighter.

We're expecting a baby; which Ford is right for us?

You'll need a car which is reliable, a comfortable drive and, most importantly, has space; space for you to get baby seats in and out with ease and space in the rear for the buggy, changing bag and who knows what other baby-related paraphernalia you might be transporting. The Ford B-Max is a nice option - it's cheap to run and semi-automatic. What differentiates this MPV from the competition is that it offers a huge door opening - there's no pillar between the front and rear doors, so there's loads of room to get little ones in and out.

Is there an eco-friendly model?

Naturally. Highly-rated models include the Ford Focus Electric, the Ford Fiesta Duratec, the Fiesta Titanium Econetic and the new Ford EcoSport. Few of these have hit the used car market yet, but worry not, the Ford Focus was named Best Green Used Car in the What Car? Green Awards in 2010 - in particular, the 1.6 TDCi diesel. It was lauded for its fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. With low tax, this version of the popular Focus offers 67mpg, while the petrol alternative has the aforementioned EcoBoost engine.

If you have any questions about Ford cars or would like to visit the showroom, please do get in touch.

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