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How to Use - Carbase Car Compare

How to Use - Carbase Car Compare

Use our Carbase compare feature to find your perfect car!


Buying a car is an exciting process, but with so many brands and hundreds of models available, it's so common to feel overwhelmed when you start looking around at our huge selection of high quality used cars online.

It's our mission to find you the perfect car, which is why we've made the process surprisingly easy with our compare feature - and it's really simple to use!


1. Have an idea of what you're looking for

It helps to make a few decisions before you start. We have plenty of guides on our site about how to choose the right car for you, but here are some starting points:

·   What's your budget?

·   What specifications would suit your lifestyle (E.g. what sort of fuel type and transmission?)

·   What kind of body style are you looking for?

·   Are you interested to know what your own car is worth?

·   Are you listening to your head or your heart?

Once you've decided on some key decisions, you're ready for the fun part - start browsing for your next car!


2. Time for some window shopping!

You can start to select your favourites by searching by make, model, or even type of vehicle such as 'low tax cars' or 'family cars'. To add the cars that you like to your compare list simply click on the heart icon. You can select this icon on either the search results page, or on the selected vehicle page.


3. Review your Compared Cars

Once you've selected up to 4 vehicles that you'd like to compare, you can take a look at them all side-by-side by clicking on the 'Compare' option on the top right corner of the page, where you can remove options from the comparison easily if you've found another option that makes the cut instead!


4. Compare your favourites

To compare the cars in your list in more detail, click 'compare', and your shortlisted cars will be set out side-by-side. The basic information of each car will be listed below each vehicle, such as the registration, mileage, colour and cost, so you can compare the information for all your favourite cars at a glance.


5. It's all about the details!

You don't need to stop at comparing the basic information - at the top of the page, select 'Running' to see details on the engine and performance, 'Size' to get the dimensions of the vehicle, 'Features' to see all the car's fancy extras, and 'Safety' to see which safety features are available on the vehicle.

Clicking through all these options will give you a great idea of which cars are ticking all your boxes, and which aren't. Is one vehicle missing that essential feature? Just remove it by clicking on the 'Remove' button to slim down your favourites and get closer to finding your perfect car!


6. Hold your dream car!

So, you've narrowed down your options using the car comparison feature, and you're ready to check out your dream car! All you need to do to is click on the car's product page, where you can take a look at an external or internal 360° view, take a closer look at your finance options, and even put the car on hold if you love what you see. Click 'Hold this car' and simply enter your name and mobile number to either put the car on hold for a fully refundable £99 deposit or request a test drive. You won't need to put down a deposit to test drive the car, and we'll keep you updated on the car's availability. 

There you have it - everything you need to get started on finding your new used car with Carbase. So, what's stopping you? Start your search for your perfect next car today!

Have any questions? Just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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