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5 luxurious commuter cars that will make you ditch public transport

5 luxurious commuter cars that will make you ditch public transport

Picture the scene: your alarm for work goes off a little late and you think you might miss your train. You end up sprinting to the station with your hair still wet, your shirt buttoned up awkwardly and your underwear on back to front. Sound familiar?

With some public transport commutes, leaving the house just five minutes late can make you more than an hour late for work (if there aren't regular trains). Assuming you do manage to catch the train or bus you needed to, then there's a battle to get a seat. There's the noise. There's the overpriced ticket. All in all, commuting can be pretty stressful.

The calm and comfort that buying a luxurious car provides is worth every penny when you're driving from your front door to the office. First thing in the morning and after a hard day's slog, a quality ride is essential for commuters. Here are five cars that will make you want to ditch public transport for good...

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

It's no surprise that the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is currently ranked as the world's best-selling luxury sedan, and is also commonly stretched out and used as a limousine. As we've come to expect from Mercedes-Benz, the luxurious S-Class offers plenty of space along with state-of-the-art technology. The 2013 W222 model has some valuable assets to commuters in its 'Magic Body Control'. Cameras mounted to the windshield are able to 'read' the road up to 15 metres ahead and brace the suspension ready for any bumps, even when moving up to 81mph. Systems also allow it to steer a course independently to follow a vehicle in front, while still slowing down, stopping or accelerating in response to traffic. Simply pull up behind a neighbouring colleague and let the c ar do the work!

Bentley Continental GT

Coming in both coupe and convertible, the Bentley Continental GT has a luxurious hand-crafted wood interior and offers ample leg room (for those sitting in the front, anyway). The fact that it's sound-proofed and has seats so comfortable you'll wish you r commute was longer than it is makes it a perfect commuter car. As big and powerful as the Continental GT is, the weight has actually been trimmed down making it easier than ever to handle. Tall people sitting in the back might get a little cramped, but a t least there's a whole load of room in the boot for your shopping and golf clubs. It's all about priorities on work trips, after all.

Jaguar Xj


This stunning Jag has just about everything a commuter could want. It's great to drive, looks as good on the inside as the out and you can even opt for a massage function in the seats - heaven after a hard day's grind. Inside it's huge, but the hi-tech construction makes it feel lighter and smaller than it is when you're driving. The single-screen 'infotainment' system allows you to watch TV on the move - but we wouldn't recommend that unless you've stopped for a coffee break. It will display two things at once, though, so a passenger can enjoy something on the box while you have your sat-nav directions easily visible.

BMW 7 Series

Just like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the BMW 7 Series is practically the perfect unstretched limousine. The F01/F02 models may look understated but on the inside they're comfortable, luxurious and rather high-tech; there's built-in TV screens and automatic window blinds for passengers (or when you want to pull over and a have a rest), as well as 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive for when you're behind the wheel. The 5 Series offers many of the same luxurious features, too. It's the type of car that makes you want to go to work, if only for the time you'll spend driving it.

Audi Q5


This compact luxury SUV has won awards for its appeal to families, but the Audi Q5's appeal to commuters should not be ignored. The comfy front seats offer fantastic outward visibility and its agile handling makes for a smooth and tranquil ride, even on the most busy and traffic-jammed mornings. The large boot and masses of space in both the front and rear mean you'll never feel claustrophobic, and should your commute ever take you (slightly) off the beaten track it has all-terrain four wheel drive, hill descent control and traction control for those wet and slippery roads. Audi is renowned for its reliability, so it's safe to say you probably won't have any long journeys home from work (predominantly spent waiting for help on the hard shoulder) any time soon.

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