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Best family hatchbacks with big boots

Best family hatchbacks with big boots

Our Top 5 Family Hatchbacks with Big Boots


Having a family means having a lot of stuff - lots of shopping each week, lots of equipment to take with you on a daily basis and lots of bags if you are heading on a weekend away. When you've got children filling up the seats of the car you need a large-sized boot to store the essentials. Here are five of the best family hatchbacks with the biggest boots:


5. Volkswagen Golf

The VW Golf has been a mainstay of the family hatchback range for a number of years and it's easy to see why, offering 380 litres of boot space. Available as either a three or five door car, you'll find that both provide great amounts of space. The boot is a practical shape which also includes an under-floor storage space ideal for hiding away items, a 12v power supply, bag hooks and a ski-flap for longer items. There's also a wide opening and low load lip making it ideal for getting in whatever you need to transport. Go for the estate version of the VW Golf and the boot spaces expands to 605 litres.

Prices start from as low as £6,499*



4. Renault Megane

A popular family car, the Renault Megane provides you with a lovely square boot which delivers 434 litres of space, increasing to 1,247 litres when the rear seats are down. There is a high boot lip which can make putting in heavy or cumbersome items difficult, however it's square shape means that you can fit in more items than some larger but more unorthodox shaped boots. In addition to the large boot you'll also find generous amount of storage within both the front and rear of the car.

Prices start from as low as £5,499*



3. Honda Civic

Next is the Honda Civic which has a very respectable 492 litres of space. This family hatchback has been popular for years now thanks to its reliability and versatile interior. However, while you get a good amount of boot space the rear space is lacking slightly making the rear seats more suited to children than adults. The rear seats do fold down completely to provide 1,210 litres of space.

The Honda Civic also has the 'magic seat' design where you can fold up the rear seats like a cinema seat, ideal for providing support if you are transporting tall items. The rear doors also open at a 90-degree angle making access really easy and in the boot you'll find an additional under floor storage area.

Prices start from as low as £8,500*





2. Peugeot 308

Another car that provides a massive amount of boot space is the Peugeot 308, giving you 501 litres, increasing to 1,309 litres when the rear seats are folded down. In addition, you'll find two under floor storage units in the boot which add 35 litres of space, perfect for hiding valuables out of sight. As with some other cars in this category, the large boot does impact slightly upon the rear legroom and adults might find themselves a little cramped. However, it's ideal for little legs and three children would sit very comfortably.

Prices start from as low as £6,999*



1.    Skoda Octavia

The Skoda Octavia is renowned for having the biggest boot in the family hatchbacks range boasting an enormous 590 litres worth of space. That's almost double what you would find in most of the popular family hatchbacks. Thankfully, the Octavia has been cleverly designed and the large boot is not at the expense of having rear legroom.

Skoda have designed a car with a huge cabin and if you put down the rear seats you'll have an incredible 1580 litres of space. In the boot you will find bag hooks, bright lights and a 12v power supply. In addition to the large boot space, storage is abundant throughout the car with some nice touches like a sunglasses holder set into the roof lining and a parking ticket clip on the windscreen. The rear doors open wide as well making access nice and easy.

Prices start from as low as £9,682*



If you need a family hatchback with a large boot then come along to any of our branches today to take a look at the vast range of family used cars that we have on offer. Don't forget if you have a buggy or large item that you will regularly be travelling with, feel free to bring it along in order to test it out.

*At time of review

If you're interested in any of the cars mentioned, the processes outlined in this article, or would like more information, please contact us or come into any one of our stores and we'll be happy to help.


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