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Best cars for Christmas presents

Best cars for Christmas presents

Whether it's a new set of wheels for your partner, a starter-car for your teenage child, or the dream car your dad has always wanted - cars make exceptional Christmas presents. Your only worry will be figuring out how you could possibly top it next year!

Which car would make the perfect Christmas present for you to give? There are really no bad options. A car is a car! It's always a generous present, but in case you're stuck for ideas here are some suggestions (with help from our tongue-in-cheek generosity scale).

Range Rover Sport

Combine the height of luxury with unrivalled off-road capabilities and it can only be the Land Rover Range Rover; the perfect gift for anyone who has a sense of adventure and a taste of the finer things in life. Its awesome appearance and heavy price tag will mean your generosity will not go unrecognised.

Mercedes-Benz C Class

"Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz? My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends." Make someone's prayers come true this Christmas by buying them a Mercedes-Benz C Class - a gorgeous and stylish saloon with full leather interior.

BMW 3 Series

BMW is always near the top of car brand lists, and it's not surprising either; they're reliable, consistent, and relatively affordable compared to other sought-after brands. The BMW 3 series is an ideal entry-level luxury car for someone special this Christmas.

Toyota Prius

Is your partner a lover of the environment and a campaigner for green technology? Then the perfect car for you to buy as a present right now might be the Toyota Prius. Some petrolheads turn their nose at this hybrid vehicle, but this is a gift that could go down very well.

Audi R8

What a spectacle; the Audi R8 is sure to blow some minds when it's 'unwrapped' on Christmas morning. It drives as good as it looks too; it gets up to 60mph in 4.6 seconds, and has top speeds of 187mpgh. An ideal supercar for a super friend or family member.

Volkswagen Golf

A pre-owned Volkswagen Golf might not be the most lavish of car gifts, but it makes a fantastic first car for your kid, or for a friend/family member who has just passed their test. These cars are put together very well, so you've got excellent value for money here.

Bentley Continental

Whether you opt for the coupe or the convertible - there's no getting around the fact that buying someone a Bentley Continental is one heck of a fine present. Grand and masculine, this would take some beating.

MINI Hatchback

The iconic MINI would make an unforgettable present this Christmas. Many people love them for their parking abilities due to their small frames - we still don't think you could fit one under the Christmas tree though.

Audi TT

With its beautifully curved coupe model and its summery, vibrant soft-top counterpart, the Audi TT is effortlessly cool. Be prepared for the person to whom you give it to start sharing photos of it with pride on Facebook immediately.

Ford Fiesta

Unless the person you're buying is a trendsetter who always likes to do things differently than the majority, a Ford Fiesta is a perfect present. It's the UK's most popular car for a reason - it feels bigger than it is (in a good way), it handles extremely well (ideal for new drivers) and it looks clean and crisp.

McLaren F1

Wow. If you've got millions to spend on Christmas presents, what the heck are you reading this article for!

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