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Audi Convertibles vs BMW Convertibles

Audi Convertibles vs BMW Convertibles

With the cold months (hopefully) gone for another year, many motorists are getting serious about investing in a convertible. The thrill of driving with the top down and wind in your hair is second to none but how do you make sure that the car you choose will be fit for purpose all year round? Both Audi and BMW have some spectacular models on the market but many people are left feeling unsure about where to invest their money. The Carbase team have been working with cars for decades and know how to spot a truly exceptional vehicle. In this blog we take an in depth look at the BMW and Audi used convertible range, helping you tell the difference between the good, the bad and the ugly.

BMW 1 Series Convertible

The Pros

Great news, there's a long list of pros if you're interested in the BMW 1 Series Convertible. The first being how truly spectacular the car looks at a first glance. With excellent proportions and an overall chic exterior, you'll feel stylish and comfortable in this car. The interior lives up to expectations as well, with a general feeling of quality and class. Additionally, you can choose from a range of petrol and diesel engines in a variety of specifications. You'll feel at ease behind the wheel and the fluidity of the car's performance will make every drive enjoyable.

The Cons

There's always a downside of course, but nothing too terrible in this case. The rear seats in 1 Series can be slightly cramped and the roof has a tendency to lag a bit. Also, some people consider the car to be slightly too expensive as well. Having said that, Carbase always has fantastic offers available on used BMW 1 Series convertibles, so you may be able to save a few pennies with us!

Audi A3 Convertible

The Pros

Similar to the BMW 1 Series, the Audi A3 convertible performs well and looks fantastic. As an added bonus, you get that classic luxury feel that has always been associated with Audi and it will cost you roughly the same as a BMW 1 Series. If you regularly carry rear passengers, they probably won't feel as cramped in the A3 as they would in the 1 Series. Overall, when you choose the Audi A3 convertible, you're opting for class, space and a well-engineered roof that won't cause you too much trouble in the colder months!

The Cons

Of the two cars, the chassis in the BMW is slightly stiffer and some may argue this translates into a better drive. Again, consumers are somewhat put off by the high price. Despite this, the A3 is definitely the more popular choice amongst customers so Audi are definitely doing something right!

BMW 3 Series Convertible

The Pros

With a folding metal roof engineered to withstand some serious weather conditions, the BMW 3 Series Convertible is exquisitely engineered, highly refined and practical to drive. Inside the 3 Series, the premium cabin won't disappoint and every journey is smooth and enjoyable. Whilst the convertible version isn't necessarily the most popular, BMW have definitely done themselves proud with this model and it won't break the bank if you opt for a used version.

The Cons

Running costs can be quite high with the 3 Series and there is a considerable lack of legroom for rear passengers. So perhaps it's not the best car if you're constantly ferrying people around but for the most part, you can't go wrong with a BMW 3 Series Convertible.

Audi A4 Convertible

The Pros

Looking for something truly upmarket? The Audi A4 has that posh feel you've been searching for, and it's quite a decent vehicle to boot. The electric roof does exactly what it says on the tin, but you won't be left drenched to the bone in less than favourable weather. In terms of the drive, you can expect an overall composed experience with a decent amount of interior space for four adults.

The Cons

Whilst the BMW 3 Series is fantastically sharp to drive, the Audi A4 lags behind in this area. Plus, be warned if something happens to go wrong with the vehicle; you may find that the cost of repairs can be staggering. So in this case, the BMW 3 Series is going to have to take the win.

If you're considering purchasing a used convertible, whether it be a BMW 1 Series, Audi A3, BMW 3 Series or an Audi A4, Carbase can provide expert advice and help you find the perfect car for you. Speak to a member of the team today or browse through some of our amazing used car deals.


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