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Our Favourite Film Cars

Our Favourite Film Cars

With the BAFTA's recently announced and Oscar fever in the air, the Carbase offices came alive with debate this week with everyone asking the question: What is your favourite car used in a film? There were some great responses, some iconic, some a little more interesting, so we thought we'd share them with you.

Holly - Marketing Coordinator
Car: Bumblebee (Chevrolet Camaro)
Film: Transformers
Why?: Holly is massive fan of the yellow and black Camaro but also sees Bumblebee as the most human of all the Transformers (even if he can't talk).

Tim - Vehicle Administrator
Car: Land Rover Defender
Why?: Recently the Land Rover Defender was taken out of production, so Tim has gone for its final film outing in SPECTRE for the nostalgia.

Jamie - Sales Manager
Car: Ford Mustang GT 390
Film: Bullitt
Why?: When you think of the a car chase sequence in a film, your mind is likely drawn to Bullitt's famous chase through the streets of San Francisco. Not only that, but this is also Jamie's dream car.

Neil - Sales Executive
Car: Eleanor (Shelby GT500)
Film: Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)
Why?: Neill describes Nicolas Cage's character's nemesis car, Eleanor, as lush. Simple and to the point, but then that's Neill!

Mike - Sales Executive
Car: Aston Martin DB5
Film: Goldfinger
Why?: Not that the James Bond's DB5 really needs to be justified, but this is Mike's favourite car from a film because he believes it to be most iconic.

Amy - Accounts Assistant
Car: Land Rover Range Rover
Film: Layer Cake
Why?: When thinking about Layer Cake, Amy can't help but think about it's bright yellow Range Rover from the poster.

Kate - Carbase Director
Car: Hudson Commodore
Film: Driving Miss Daisy
Why?: Aside from having her driving compared to that of Miss Daisy(!), Kate absolutely loves the 1990 Best Picture winner.

Leni - Graphic Designer
Car: Based on a Chevrolet Corvette
Film: Cars
Why?: Leni is a big Disney fan, so it was almost inevitable that she would choose the star of the Cars franchise, Lightning McQueen. She describes him as fast as he is funny!

Adam - Social Media Executive
Car: Pursuit Special - V8 Interceptor (Ford Falcon XB GT)
Film: Mad Max: Fury Road
Why?: Aside from Mad Max being the Carbase favourite for the Best Picture Oscar this year, Max's Ford Falcon, better know as the Pursuit Special, is a world weary icon from a brilliant and reinvigorated film franchise.

Kim - Technician
Car: Nissan Skyline GTR
Film: The Fast and the Furious
Why?: Driven by the late Paul Walker's character, the Nissan Skyline GTR is thought of fondly by fans of the series. Kim likes it because it truly is the definition of fast and furious!

Honorable Mentions:

- DeLorean - Back to the Future
- Herbie - Herbie
- Ecto1 - Ghostbusters
- Batmobile - Batman
- Mutts Cutts Van - Dumb and Dumber
- Any James Bond car

We hope you like our favourites. Why not get involved on social media if you think we have missed any of yours or if you want to share your favourites. Here are some of our customers favourites from when we polled them last year. On another note, are we the only ones who think that 'Best Film Car' should be a category at the Oscars?!

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