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Looking back at Carbase Motoring Photographer of the Year previous winners

Looking back at Carbase Motoring Photographer of the Year previous winners

We're thrilled to announce that the Carbase Motoring Photographer of the Year 2016 competition is open and we have already received some incredible entries.

The standard so far is extremely high, but we're not surprised. Over the years, the competition has grown to become a prestigious motoring photography event, showcasing the talents of those who can transform a vehicle into a work of art, with just the click of a button.

We thought we'd take a trip down memory lane and look over some of our past winners, hopefully providing you with a little inspiration for your own entry

Overall winner 2014: Charlie Pope

You don't need a caption to know exactly which car this depicts. Its rounded chassis and thick curves are unmistakeably those of a classic VW Beetle. Charlie's photo really appealed to the judges, who said they loved the 'rustic and natural feel which really captures the character and age of the car'.   

Overall winner 2015: Nathan Cooper

In 2015, we introduced three categories to make the competition even more exciting: lifestyle, motion and close-up. It was from within this last category that the judges identified the overall winner. It had attracted many striking, crystal-clear images of classic cars - but who could resist Nathan's accomplished shot of a vintage Jaguar?


Successfully capturing a vehicle in motion is exceptionally difficult, which makes the winners in this category all the more impressive.

Peter Tompkins won last year's Gold Award in this group, with his fabulous motorcycle race photo. In black and white, it manages to convey speed, danger, competitiveness and intensity so simply. It also stood out as it focused on a motor that wasn't a car.

In contrast, this highly-commended entry from @HappyHooe encapsulates the sheer joy of driving. She told us that "nothing beats top down motoring down lush Cornish lanes!"


This category received the most fabulous photos, where the most seemingly dull scenarios were transformed into breath-taking images. From carparks to deserts, the images revealed the huge difference in people's lifestyles, locations and the love of their lives - their motor, of course.

Take Luke Cutter's Gold Award-winning entry, for example: a classic Mini, snapped at Bristol Harbour side. The colours, the composition and the clouds combined to create a photo that really makes a statement; while the contrast of the old houses against the modern buildings almost seems to demonstrate how the Mini has remained a beloved car throughout the decades.

Meanwhile, Rob Hawkins' 'shot of my Volvo V40, purchased from Carbase Weston-super-Mare' not only uses some clever colour-separation techniques, but demonstrates someone who loves his car. We love the juxtaposition of the vibrant red against the monochrome country road.


Our judges have endured a really difficult task, sorting through such incredible photos in the last two years. This year is going to prove no exception. While not every photo can be a winner, many are given a 'commended' status to reflect the skill and creativity of the photographer.

One which stood out from the rest was this photo by Becky Hill, the 'close up of a Mk1 caddy pick-up engine'. Becky made clever use of lighting, framing and the angle, to produce a photo which made the subject appear simply beautiful.

Think you can do any better? Why not have a go? You could win £1,000! The competition runs until 31 August, with winners announced on 2 September. For more information and to enter, simply visit the Carbase Motoring Photographer of the Year 2016 page. We wish you the best of luck! 

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