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Bangers4Ben 2018

Bangers4Ben 2018

2018 marks the 10th anniversary of Bangers4Ben, an epic 4 day road trip across Europe raising funds for the automotive charity Ben. In order to qualify the teams must buy a car for less than £750, paint or decal it, complete the rally, and then sell it at auction for as much as possible.



In 2017 Banger4Ben raised an impressive £59,000!

This year we provided one of our business partners, Ivendi, with the cars that they needed to take part! The crew from Ivendi are a great bunch and chose to dress as superheroes, aptly naming their team the i-vengers!

Meet the Team


iVengers Assemble Trailer 18 from Philip Harding on Vimeo.


Meet the cars:


Day 1

Friday 5th October

Weybridge, UK to Reims, France (288 Miles) Bangers4BEN 2018 starts with an early morning meet at the world renowned Brooklands Museum in Weybridge, Surrey.  The next stop is Reims, France for a well-earned overnight stop.


Day 2

Saturday 6th October

Reims to Stuttgart (311 miles) The drivers are up early ready to make their way to Stuttgart, the manufacturing capital of Germany! Once they have negotiated the Autobahn they will make a pit stop overnight in Stuttgart to recharge for the following day.


Day 3

Sunday 7th October

Stuttgart to Brugge, Belgium (402 miles) Today the drivers will travel through the 'Venice of the North', Brugge, surrounded by some beautiful architecture, canals and cobbled streets.


Day 4

Monday 8th October

Brugge, Belgium to Corby, UK (266 miles) The teams got on the ferry over the Channel to face the final challenge; a Top Gear-style track day! Sadly not all of the cars were up to the challenge. The teams then finished the day with a black tie event to celebrate this tenth anniversary trip. A fantastic effort by all, well done!

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