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The highs and lows of a motor romance

The highs and lows of a motor romance

Love is in the air, everywhere you drive around - so long as you're driving around a car dealership. Everyone on the lot is getting behind the wheel of their new pride and joy; relishing in the beginning of a new romantic relationship.

More often than not, though, the 'new car' honeymoon period gradually peters out. The car you used to love to drive begins to drive you round the bend.

Here's a step-by-step look into the beautiful beginnings and the frustrating final stages of a new car romance.

Love at first sight (and smell)

What do we notice first about a car? Well, it's all about a physical attraction.

The shininess - It captures your attention, and you can't turn away...

So fresh, so clean - The style, the way it's dressed, the way it's so ridiculously's irresistible.

That new car smell - It smells AMAZING. You could be near it for days and you wouldn't get bored of that scent. You miss it when you're not around it. You long for it.

Getting to know each other

Next up, it's about the personality. Here's where you find out that you and your new car are a match made in motor heaven.

Incredible features - This car has a personality and possessions (i.e. performance and technology) that fascinate you. You want to learn more.

You're showered with gifts - A new (car) relationship sees you showered with romantic gifts like flowers (scented air fresheners), chocolates (from the salesman when you seal the deal), and no MOTs for three years (OK, that only applies to new cars).

Stand out from the crowd - Your new flame is cool, unique and only yours.

Everything is wonderful in the beginning. Three years down the line and things are still running smooth. And then...

3 years later...

Your relationship begins to break down

Once your car fails you - like a cheater in a relationship - that's pretty much it. It takes a heck of a lot to get that confidence and trust back.

You hit a bump in the road - Whether it breaks down in rush hour traffic or refuses to start when you're already late for something important, you always know when the car romance is fizzling.

The look no longer excites - All of a sudden, you find yourself less and less attracted to it. And how the hell did it get so dirty?

The cost goes up - Your car has become a scrub (a scrub is a car that can't get no love from you). You have to fork out more and more money on it. You realise you don't want no scrub.

What's that weird noise? - It's coughing and wheezing begins to drive you crazy.

The end of the relationship


There are certain alarm bells that should start ringing when you know you've fallen out of love with your car.

Beautiful things, everywhere - You can't go down the street without checking out other hot cars. You'd never cheat, but you start to daydream about leaving your car for a new model.

New car envy - Your friends are all getting into new relationships, entering the honeymoon phase for themselves. This makes you jealous, and you long for that new-relationship feeling again.

Time to trade up - Eventually, you know the time is right to end the relationship and upgrade your drive. You end it.

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, could it be the perfect time for you to end your fizzled relationship with your current car, upgrade and drive your life in a more positive direction? If so, head down to Carbase!

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