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The Best Used Cars in Britain

The Best Used Cars in Britain

The Best Used Cars in Britain

Here in the UK, we love used cars. Our love affair with great-quality used cars has shown no sign of slowing this year, with over 4 million used cars sold nationwide from January to August 2018. And why should it? Buying a used vehicle gets you more car for your money, a car that depreciates less than a new one and, in general, lower insurance premiums.

There's more choice when it comes to shopping for a new car too. But, with so many makes and models on offer, how do you decide which to go for? Of course, you can't go wrong with any of our fantastic used cars, but if you need a bit of inspiration, the folks over at What Car? have once again picked their used cars of the year for 2019, in a number of great categories. Here are some of our favourites.



Best used city car

Rating used city cars for their compact yet spacious dimensions, agility and fuel efficiency, What Car? have chosen the nippy Skoda Citigo as their best for 2019. We have to agree - it's economical, great value for money and has a roomy interior.


Best used small car

When it comes to the best used small car, the Czech manufacturer have come out on top again, with the reliable Skoda Fabia. With its mod cons, robust engine and nimble handing, it certainly does have the feeling of a much larger car.


Best used family car

Family cars must offer space for everyone, plus luggage and possibly a four-legged friend, as well as comfort, great value and clever little touches that make driving a pleasure. What Car? picked the Audi A3 as their winner, praising its drive, smart interior and multiple features.  


Best used large SUV

Of course, many drivers with families also opt for SUVs to transport their troops, so for them, and the many other fans of this class, the award for best used large SUV goes to the Mazda CX-5. These really are great cars that offer a superior driving experience to many similar models.


Best used MPV

The best used MPVs should be capable of carrying a carful of people or a houseful of stuff with equal capacity. We greatly approve of What Car's choice of the wonderfully-economical Vauxhall Zafira Tourer, which provides acres of inside space and good fuel economy.


Best used estate car

There's more to a great used estate car than a big boot. Good job then that What Car's best used estate for 2019 - the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate - also has underfloor storage, two extra child seats and all the class you'd expect from a Mercedes. 


Best used executive car

Luxury, space to relax and plenty of sophisticated touches; that's what a used executive car should provide. What Car believe the sleek BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe has all this and more, combining great looks with a hatchback boot and responsive handling, and we can't help but agree.


And finally, the used car of the year!

Taking the coveted title of best used car for 2019 is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate. As What Car? rightly say, there's not much between a used version of this fantastic model and one fresh off the forecourt, plus it boasts a well-appointed interior, huge storage space and a real sense of comfort that makes it a pleasure to drive.


So, whether one of these great used cars has caught your eye, or there's another make and model you're after, why not take a look at our current used car stock? We've a treasure trove of top quality, low-mileage vehicles and our friendly, knowledgeable team are just waiting to help you find the one for you.    



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