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The best cars for Santa Claus to deliver presents

The best cars for Santa Claus to deliver presents

Never has a choice of vehicle been so important for one night only to one person. Every Christmas Eve, Santa needs to get behind the wheel of a motor that's reliable, comfortable, fast enough for him to do the rounds in one night, and big enough to carry a hefty amount of presents in one trip.

So what wins? Check out our car graphics below and see how they fare when put to the 'Santa efficiency' test.

What if Santa Claus drove a... HENNESSEY VENOM GT

It might be one of the fastest and most luxurious cars on the planet, but with no storage space Santa would have to make a lot of trips to get every present delivered. Bit dangerous, too.  

What if Santa Claus drove a... BUGATTI VEYRON SUPER SPORT


What it lacks in speed to the Hennessey Venom GT (only 2.79mph) it more than makes up for with its boot space (despite being a bit stingy). Comfortable and stylish, but not Santa's best choice.

What if Santa Claus drove a... FORD FIESTA ST

The Ford Fiesta is the most popular car in the UK, but even the faster ST model might not be the best choice for Santa. At least there's less risk of an accident than with the Hennessey, though.

What if Santa Claus drove a... VAUXHALL CORSA

Arguably Britain's second most popular car falls just behind the Ford Fiesta, and therefore Santa should keep looking for his ideal car. It's great for regular people, though.

What if Santa Claus drove a... MCLAREN F1

The most iconic British supercar of all time may be fast, comfortable and incredible to drive, but its poor storage space lets it down. Having said that, its side-boot looks very cool.

What if Santa Claus drove a... FERRARI LaFERRARI

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas presents won't be delivered in a high-speed supercar this year. Sorry Santa.

What if Santa Claus drove a... VOLKSWAGEN GOLF

Great design, solid performance and increasing storage space; this is why more than 29 million Golfs have been bought since 1974. It's a fine choice for Santa, but not the best option.

What if Santa Claus drove a... RANGE ROVER 3.0

As one of the leaders in the luxury SUV department, the Range Rover's performance allows Santa to take shortcuts over rough terrain. Plus it has room for a lot of gift sacks. Have we found a winner?

What if Santa Claus drove a... BENTLEY MULSANNE

Should Santa get cold when out delivering presents, the stunning Bentley Mulsanne provides a warm and cosy cabin. It's almost perfect, but it can't compete with the Range Rover's storage space and off-road ability.

What if Santa Claus drove a... VOLKSWAGEN T2 CAMPER VAN


It might take Santa a while to get around in the VW Camper, but there's a lot of space for presents and he's bound to look cool.

What if Santa Claus drove a... MINI (CLASSIC)


Slower, smaller and (arguably) less luxurious than other car choices, Santa would be crazy to choose a MINI for delivering presents. For his own personal enjoyment, though, you can't beat a MINI.

What if Santa Claus drove a... FORD MUSTANG

Great speed but a little cramped. Lots of muscle but not much storage space. The Ford Mustang looks amazing and drives sensationally, but Santa will need more than this.

What if Santa Claus drove a... MILK FLOAT

It's going to be a long night. You needn't worry about strapping in Santa - most milk floats don't have seatbelts (although some can reach up to 77mph). Plenty of storage space in the back, but your sacks might fall off if you speed up too much.

What if Santa Claus drove a... MERCEDES ANTOS


It's a truck, so of course the Mercedes Antos wins on storage space. It's slow though (most trucks rarely go over 50mph on the roads) and Santa has a lot of ground to cover. Despite that, its high-performance and comfort make it a joint-winner in Santa efficiency.

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