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Should You Buy A Dash Camera?

Should You Buy A Dash Camera?

So you've considered purchasing a Dash Cam for your car, but are they worth it? Do they really capture anything? Check out some of the Dash Cam footage below and decide for yourselves, you'll be amazed!


DashCam captures a Meteorite ripping through the sky above Russia





A car seemingly appears from nowhere in this spooky footage





This insurance scam attempt in Taiwan is comical, but it might have been a different story without video proof





This angry pedestrian should have payed more attention to where he was walking





A coach spills it's luggage across the road, narrowly avoiding causing an accident





This speeding motorcyclist was lucky to surf away from this one..





This cyclist tries to fake an injury in a bizarre scam attempt





The police deliver some instant justice to this impatient driver





These scammers change their tune as soon as it's revealed that they are on camera





So there you have it, there are many positives to owning a Dash Camera, from recording the weird and wonderful, to saving your bacon in the event of an insurance scam. You can also upload footage of dangerous driving to your local police force through the Nextbase portal

Check out the RAC's Dash Cam Guide for more information, as well as the Which? article: Dash Cams and the law

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