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Cars to look forward to in 2016

Cars to look forward to in 2016

Maserati Levante

Summer 2016 Could it be the most lavish SUV on the market this summer? We think so.
Carbase alternative: Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Ford Focus RS

Spring 2016 Fantastic specs and an unbelievable price-tag make the new Focus RS the talk of the town.
Carbase alternative: Ford Focus 1.6

Jaguar F-Pace

April 2016 From what we've seen of Jag's first SUV, its dynamic performance is mind-blowing.
Carbase alternative: Audi Q3


April 2016 Its sleek and sharp dimensions make this car a thing of beauty (plus - it's very fast!)
Carbase alternative: BMW 3 Series

Kia Hybrid

Summer 2016 A reasonably priced compact crossover with excellent eco credentials.
Carbase alternative: Toyota Prius

Renault M├ęgane

Spring 2016 A stylish makeover for the French classic could see it become the best-selling coupe in 2016.
Carbase alternative: Volkswagen Scirocco

Rolls-Royce Dawn

Spring 2016 If any brand can claim to have created "the most refined convertible in the world", it's Rolls.
Carbase alternative: Audi A4

Tesla Model X

Spring 2016 The master of battery-powered saloons has turned its hand to the SUV - and it looks awesome.
Carbase alternative: Audi A5

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