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What is included in an Owners' Club free winter check

What is included in an Owners' Club free winter check

What's included in an Owners' Club free winter check?

We might be able to bust out the warm coat and woolly hats and scarves, but what can your car do to protect itself in the winter? That responsibility is down to you, but luckily the Owners Club members benefit from free winter checks in the cold season, to ensure that your car will be ready for whatever the weather throws at it. We also provide our Owners Club members with free Summer Checks >

But what's included in your free winter check exactly? We'll break it down for you (not literally):

Tyre maintenance

Carbase checks the overall condition of your tyres, as well as the tread depth and pressure, to ensure they're safe to drive on (including your spare). You might even decide to switch to winter tyres for better grip and cornering ability; we can do this for you.

Battery tests

Most batteries will fail in the cold weather, So Carbase ensures your battery is protected, charged and secured.

Coolant and Antifreeze checks

The cooling system is a leading cause of engine-related breakdowns. Carbase ensures the levels and strength of your car's antifreeze and cooling system is optimal.

Wiper blade and screen wash inspection

Visibility in winter is limited, so you need your windshield wiper blades to be working at their very best. Carbase inspects their condition and ensures they're suitable for effective screen clearing, as well as unlikely to run out of wiper fluid.


Car light assessments

There's a lot less hours of sunlight in winter than other times of the year, so you'll need all your car lights working if you want to feel safe (and keep your car legal to drive). Carbase checks all of your lights and makes sure they all work properly.

Oil level replenishment

Oil in your car becomes less effective as time goes on, and eventually stops protecting your engine against corrosion. Carbase will check your oil levels and perhaps switch you to thinner oil, making it easier for you to get your car running in winter.

Is your motor in need of a free winter check? Get in touch with Carbase today and we'll be working on your car in no time!

For more information about the Carbase Owners' Club click here

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