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6 ways to keep your family car looking new

6 ways to keep your family car looking new

Buying a car can be one of the biggest investments you'll make, so it goes without saying that you'll want to keep your new purchase looking clean and tidy for as long as possible. Throw children into the mix, along with the food, drink, toys and activities that usually accompany them, and you have yourself quite a task on your hands. From sticky fingers to crumbs, kids often go hand-in-hand with their fair share of mess.

Whether setting off on the school run, or embarking on a long journey with the children in-tow, here are a few tips on how to 'child-proof' the interior of your car to keep travelling with the kids as mess-free (and hopefully stress-free) as possible!

1.    Be prepared


Being prepared by having a few essentials at hand is key to keeping your new Carbase Car in pristine condition. For impromptu clean-ups, keep a pack of wet wipes and some reusable carrier bags in your glove compartment at all times. Carrier bags make great temporary rubbish bins- just make sure you take your rubbish-filled bag to the nearest bin as soon as you stop off.

2.    Organisation is key


In desperate attempts to keep children entertained, especially on long car journeys, it may be tempting to transform the back seat into a makeshift toy room to keep boredom at bay. Keeping toys and activities neatly stored in an over-the-seat organiser ensures that your car stays tidy, and the children stay amused. Hung over the front seats, these can be filled with toys, art supplies and snacks- and are easily reached by little hands. Although organisers designed specifically for car seats are widely available, shoe organisers also do the job.

3.    Protect your seats from feet!


At a certain age and height, it's inevitable that the back of your new, clean car seats will be a resting place for your children's dirty shoes. Until this likely habit has been curbed, invest in a seat-back protector, or 'kick mat'. Available from a number of different brands, 'kick mats' are usually hung from the back of the seat. If using a car seat for a baby or toddler, install the car seat properly and attach the mat afterwards- just make sure you refer to your car seat manual. 

4.    Make food spill-proof


There are several ways to make sure meals-on-the-go are kept inside the container, as opposed to all over the interior of your car! Spill-proof snack containers may be the right option for toddlers, which tend to have flaps at the top to prevent any troublesome leaks or spillages. For older children, try art supply caddies to keep food contained in compartments- and don't forget to pack kitchen roll for mucky fingers.

5.    Take care of your cup holders

Cup-holders are great for holding drinks for both you and your children- but left unattended, they can quickly become a harbour for all sorts of grime, from coins to sweets, gum and tissue. Keep them protected with car coasters, which can absorb condensation, leaks, and pop out easily for cleaning. If you're struggling to get hold of coasters designed explicitly for use in a car, silicone cupcake liners work brilliantly too. 

6.    Protect your paintwork 


Family life, and all that comes along with it, is always likely to result in a degree of mess and wear and tear in your car - but in many cases, prevention is better than cure. We like to make sure that our customers not only receive a high-quality car from Carbase, but are also able to maintain their cars to a high standard for years to come. We offer paint protection as one of the many products we have available to help protect your Car. Both the Safeguard paint finish and Safeguard Upholstery protection have a lifetime guarantee. Once applied, Safeguard creates a microscopic film over the car, repelling water and providing a barrier to both the interior and exterior to protect from the elements - whether that be on a trip to the seaside, a family holiday, or a visit to the Grandparents! 

Although clutter and disorder is part of parenthood, be assured in the knowledge that your car can survive the chaos! Now you're armed with the best tips and tricks to keep your family car well and truly 'child-proofed', take a look at our range of fine quality used cars today.  

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