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MOT Test Changes

MOT Test Changes

Everything you need to know about the MOT test changes


You may have heard about some pretty major changes happening in the world of MOTs.These new changes affect MOTs on cars, vans, motorbikes and light passenger vehicles and were introduced on May 20th, 2018 by the DVSA as an attempt to make testing more straight forward.

Changes to the emissions test

The good old emissions test (and we mean that quite literally - the test was designed in the 80s!) has come under some scrutiny lately for being outdated, so the latest changes bring some new rules. The new, stricter rules bring tighter limits for diesel emissions from cars with a Diesel Particulate Filter. (A DPF is used to reduce the emissions in diesel cars by catching and storing soot particles. These were introduced and made mandatory in 2009 with the Euro 5 exhaust emissions legislation, although some diesel models were fitted with the technology before this date.)

New assessments have also been introduced for emission control equipment such as AdBlue systems.


The introduction of new categories

Previously, if you were to get your car tested, you would either get a pass or a fail and the tester also had the option to give you an 'advisory' - some advice on something that may have only just scraped a pass. However, the new MOT rules see the introduction of three new categories, in which the failures are divided into:

Additional checks

As well as these major changes, there are now some extra checks included in your MOT:


Good news for classic car drivers!

The new MOT rules state that cars over 40 years old (first registered in 1978) will no longer need an MOT certificate. From this year onwards, any car that reaches its 40th anniversary will no longer need to be tested.


How to prepare for the new MOT

To pass the new MOT, you'll need to get no major or dangerous faults, and as few minor faults as possible. Here's what we suggest you do to prepare:


If your car is due an MOT, we'll be more than happy to talk you through the new rules at any one of our Auto Centres in Bristol, Weston-super-Mare or Lympsham. Whether you bought your car from us or not, our staff are delighted to maintain your car and keep it running as it should.

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