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Love Your Car

Love Your Car

Love Your Car This Valentine's Day



Cupid's arrow is well and truly poised, with romantic displays of affection set to sweep across the nation on February 14th, and what better way to mark the national day of love than by showing your significant other just how much you care?

Forget floral bouquets and oversized chocolate boxes, treat the special car in your life with the care and attention it deserves. Show your motor your appreciation with our useful advice.


A Pampered Bath



It's all about the thoughtful details, so why not treat your baby to a well-deserved wash or wax and have them feeling and looking great.

Whether you're feeling flush and head to a local car wash or want to take it at your own pace at home, get your car shampoo, wax and chamois at the ready, and have your car looking spick and span and the shiny envy of your neighbours.


Servicing Your Car



Whilst it is the day of love, ensure your loved one is looked after the whole year through by booking a service.


A service ensures your car is safe to drive, runs beautifully and stays in tip-top working order. Using a host of the latest diagnostic tests, any work that needs to be carried out to your car will be detected and carried out on the day. A full service includes numerous checks to test:

  • Body damage
  • Engine, fuel and drive system
  • Brake, brake pads and fluid
  • Tyres and wheels
  • Internal and external tests

You can rest assured that your car is in very safe hands and once the service is carried out, you'll have peace of mind that your pride and joy is completely safe.


Fluid Levels



Treat your significant other to a well-deserved drink this Valentine's Day by having fluid levels checked and topped-up.

Fluid replacement is a vital element of car maintenance, and it is crucial to ensure various fluids are at the correct levels, including engine oil.


Running low on motor oil can cause ongoing damage to your engine, which is being forced to work harder. If this isn't addressed, you could face costly repairs and run the risk of your car engine failing completely.

Other essential fluid checks include brake fluid, coolant, power steering and transmission fluid, and these checks can be carried out safely at your local autocentre.

So, raise a glass and toast your relationship and top-up vital fluid levels this February 14th.


Tyre Checks




With current wintery weather conditions, it is crucial to have tyres that can withstand the elements with good grip. Tyres also require rotation to ensure safety. Worn tyres increase the risk of losing grip and aquaplaning in wet conditions, so it's crucial that your tyres are checked and meet the legal type tread depth.


Tyres checks safeguard yourself and others and ensures they are in a roadworthy condition. As part of our free full winter checks service, we're also offering free fitting on all winter tyres.






Your car is your pride and joy, you love to show it off and want everyone else to be able to admire it too.


Keep you and your passengers safe by having car bulbs checked and replaced when required. This is a vital safety measure which guarantees your car is visible on the road.


Battery Checks


The last thing you want is to be faced with is the non-responsive clicking of your car battery if it fails to start.

A battery health check will detect any underlying issues ahead of time and enable you to take appropriate action and receive the best advice.

Put your car at the very top of your list by having your car battery checked as part of a free winter health check.


Regular Checks


To keep your loved one regularly looked after throughout the year, we offer free winter and summer car servicing health checks. Regular checks greatly reduce the chances of running into any car issues throughout the year and are a worthwhile investment for your loved one.

From bulbs, fluid levels and exhaust checks to checking tyres, your car will be the centre of attention and be well maintained throughout 2019.


Treat The One You Love Today



Treat the one you love today by giving your car the special care and attention it deserves. Our team of experts are on hand to carry out the essential checks to ensure your car is well looked after.

Or, if you're single and looking for a new pride and joy to pamper, why not take a look for a new perfect match and drive away with a used car you're sure to fall in love with?


Happy Valentine's Day!

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