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Why your car deserves a free summer check

Why your car deserves a free summer check

It's a popular myth that winter is the one and only time of year to get your car serviced, ensuring that it can cope with those extreme weather conditions. However, the summer - which can bring both long, sunny days and torrential rain - actually sees motorists put even more strain on their vehicles.

We spend more time on the road in the summer, making the most of those bank holiday weekends, visiting family and, of course, escaping on that summer holiday. It's important that your car is in good condition, as the heat and rain can lead to burst tyres, overheating engines and air conditioning problems.

It's crucial, therefore, to remember car maintenance as part of your summer holiday checklist - and Carbase can help you. Take a look at our special offer for a free Summer Holiday Check.

What's included?

This summer check covers the most vital aspects of summer motoring, checking:

Air conditioning effectiveness: Arguably the most important feature in any vehicle during hot periods, we'll identify whether your air conditioning works efficiently, that refrigerant gas levels are topped up, and that the whole system is clean and in good working order.

Exhaust system: For both security and condition, we'll inspect the exhaust to ensure that it is fixed securely, look for leaks and corrosion, and identify any other damage.

Fluid levels: We'll check coolant to prevent overheating, engine oil to ensure smooth operation and screen wash so that in the event of dusty, dry days, you'll be able to see clearly.

Horn: Most of us don't use the horn very often, so if it were to develop a fault, you may not be aware for some time. We'll test it on your behalf.

Lights: Working lights are a legal requirement - yes, even that rear indicator you keep meaning to get fixed. Our check will ensure you are aware of any issues and can take steps to make sure they work as they should.

Seat belts: With repeated use, seat belts can endure wear and tear, whether on the fastening or the fabric belt itself. As these are a key safety feature, we'll inspect all of your seat belts and highlight any problems.

Tyres: We test tyre pressure, tread depth and condition, to ensure that hot road surfaces won't exacerbate any existing damage, that you don't have a slow puncture and that your tyres can cope with that inevitable rain.

Who's eligible?

Anyone can arrange for a free Summer Holiday Check. It doesn't matter whether or not you've bought a car from us or used our services in the past, our Auto Centre doors are open to all.

We want to make sure that your car is in tip top shape before you hit the road and don't forget to make sure that your breakdown cover is up to date too.

It's free, so what are you waiting for? We have Auto Centres in Bristol, Weston-super-Mare and Lympsham. Simply call your nearest centre or visit the website for more information. We also offer MOTs, full services and free winter checks. 

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